Dr. Jorge Cortez

Hair Transplant Surgeon and Hair Restoration Expert

Dr. Jorge K. Cortez Barrón is a highly regarded board-certified hair transplant surgeon in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico boasts over 15 years of expertise in the field of hair restoration.

Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Cortez has dedicated himself to providing top-tier, permanent solutions for hair loss, catering to both men and women with cutting-edge techniques that address a wide range of hair conditions.

As the head of the expert surgical team at HMR, Dr. Cortez is committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements in hair transplant technology. He and his team tirelessly search for the most recent and practical techniques to ensure that all patients achieve optimal results from their hair transplant procedures.

Dr Cortez Tijuana

World Renowned Surgeon

Dr. Cortez has earned a reputation as one of the premier hair transplant surgeons in Mexico, thanks in part to his postgraduate training in aesthetic medicine and his ongoing commitment to education in the field of hair restoration.

His attendance at prestigious events such as the ISHRS 20th World Congress in the Bahamas, the ISHRS 25th World Congress in Prague, and the ISHRS 28th World Congress in 2020 is a testament to his dedication to staying at the forefront of his field.

Driven by his family's convictions, Dr. Cortez embarked on his medical career with a keen interest in the aesthetics of the human body.

True Care for Hair Restoration Patients

Alopecia, a condition that afflicts many patients, can be uncomfortable and distressing. However, Dr. Cortez emphasizes that it is much easier to mitigate or alter this condition with current treatments. At HMR, he views his team as more than just colleagues; they are a family guided by professional values that prioritize patient well-being above all else.

Dr Cortez Tijuana

Beyond his medical practice, Dr. Cortez finds fulfillment in his interests in surgery and aesthetic medicine, recognizing their ability to enhance mood and improve overall appearance. He views medicine as his world, through which he can contribute to society in invaluable ways, including research, innovation, and the sharing of medical knowledge.

By striving for excellence in every procedure, he ensures that his patients receive the best possible care and achieve outcomes that meet their expectations.